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Special Offers for March/April 2014

Click Here For discounts and special offers from Montgomery County restaurants, home improvement and service companies and many other businesses throughout the county. Read More »

In the Stars for September/October 2013

By Carole Devine September 2013  Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22) If your birthday is the last part of August, this is a productive time. You concentrate well, focus on goals and generally have things going your way. There are some “fuzzy” areas, though, particularly regarding relationships. Use listening skills. Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22) You’re feeling more generous and magnanimous than usual, ... Read More »

Score! Redskins Take Washington

George Marshall, Washington Redskins team owner, meets with players on Sept. 11, 1937.

By Pamela Schipper In 1937, the Boston Redskins relocated and renamed the team the Washington Redskins. Their new city was enthralled. They promptly won the NFL Championship that year against the Chicago Bears, 28 to 21. George Preston Marshall, who had established the franchise as the Boston Braves in 1932, moved the team to Griffith Stadium where players shared space ... Read More »

An Eerily Enjoyable Escape: Romp Through Edgar Allan Poe’s Richmond Haunts

This bust of Edgar Allan Poe presides over the Raven Room at the Poe Museum in Richmond. Photo courtesy of the Poe Museum.

By Carrie O’Brien Sleep at the site of Edgar Allan Poe’s “enchanted garden”; have a glass of wine under the shade of the same Linden trees where Poe fell in love for the first time; see his boyhood bed, original manuscripts and a lock of his hair. Maybe, if you’re really lucky, you’ll see a ghost or two. Many of ... Read More »

Weary Travelers Layover in Montgomery County Parks


By Rob and Denise Gibbs, Montgomery Parks From September through November, tens of thousands of birds and insects will be stopping by our parks. Their layovers will be completely unnoticed by most residents. Common animals will demonstrate tremendous feats of endurance as they migrate many hundreds or thousands of miles south for the winter. All it takes to witness this ... Read More »

Hail Victory! The Story of the Redskins Fight Song


By Laura Lai One of the best things about being a Redskins fan is bellowing the team’s fight song at the top of your lungs with fellow fans. As the second-oldest fight song for a professional football team (just behind “Go! You Packers! Go!”), “Hail to the Redskins” is regarded as one of the most well-known fight songs in the ... Read More »

Portrait of a Portrait Artist: The Many Faces of Jason Swain


By Molly Golubcow | Photography courtesy of Jason Swain There are some artists who can paint. Others show their talent in sculpting.  Some have an eye for landscapes and others focus on portraits. When it comes to Jason Swain’s art, all of the above apply. Fueled by a creative blend of his Australian roots (now firmly planted in Kensington, Maryland), ... Read More »

Tammy Darvish: Driven to Make a Difference


By Gina Gallucci-White | Photography by Hilary Schwab A lot of people ask Tammy Darvish if she is going to run for political office one day. It’s a question she gets quite often, and it’s easy to understand why people ask. The Potomac resident continues to carve out a successful career in the historically male-dominated automotive industry as vice president ... Read More »

Butterflies Make Gardens Better!

Butterflies July 08 003 web

By Leslie McDermott, Marketing and Media Relations Manager For as long as I can remember, I have always loved flowers. As a little girl I could be found picking (I mean admiring) my neighbor’s flowers, so it was no surprise that I grew up to have my own garden filled with flowers. When I’m not at home planting, watering, weeding ... Read More »

Going Places: Unexpected Stage Company’s Production of Alan Bennett’s “The Lady in the Van”

By Pamela Schipper | Photography by David Lewis The Bedford van doesn’t run. Not really. Miss Shepherd followed a recipe in a newspaper for homemade fuel—a spoonful of petrol, a gallon of water and possibly a pinch of bicarbonate of soda or was it sodium chloride or sodium nitrate? She can’t quite remember. The van might run, someday, she says, ... Read More »

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