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Could the Bulls Still Run Without the Fed?


By Clark Kendall Could this bull market last with less help from the Federal Reserve? Is it propped up by the Fed’s stimulus, or strong enough to sustain itself if the central bank reduces its efforts? Some factors hint that the economy and the market may have a bit more strength than assumed, even with Q2 GDP projections being tempered. ... Read More »

Realizing Your Retirement Dreams in Montgomery County With a Sound Financial Plan


Top Qualities to Look for in Choosing a Financial Planner By Clark Kendall A good financial planner in Montgomery County, Maryland, can be expected to know the rules of financial planning and help his or her clients efficiently and effectively reach their retirement goals. He or she should be able to illustrate a retirement planning solution for differing retirees, looking ... Read More »

The BUZZBiz + More


Solid Futures Clark Kendall, CEO, president and founder of Kendall Capital Management (KCM) and author of MM’s “Dollar Sense,” is off to a strong start in 2013. KCM grew at a steady rate of 5 percent per quarter for the past 12 quarters, a trend Kendall expects to continue. “With the continuation of our steady growth rate, we expect to ... Read More »

Social Security Claiming Strategies


Increase Lifetime Social Security Benefits by 30 Percent By Clark Kendall What is your magic number? Roughly half of retirees claim Social Security benefits at age 62, as soon as they become eligible. Some people delay benefits and postpone using their retirement savings as an income source. Others apply out of necessity; their financial situation leaves them little choice. These ... Read More »

How to Ripen Your Retirement as a Baby Boomer


By Clark Kendall As a baby boomer not sure about how to deal with the changing realities of retirement, you should keep a reassuring old saying in mind: “It’s OK to buy green bananas.” Presumably, a person who buys green bananas is expecting to be around long enough to see the bananas ripen. If you are part of the generation ... Read More »

The Retirement Reality Check


Little Things to Keep in Mind for Life After Work By Clark Kendall Decades ago, there was a popular book entitled What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School. Perhaps someday, another book will appear to discuss certain aspects of the retirement experience that go unrecognized—the “fine print,” if you will. Here are some little things that are often ... Read More »

You Can’t Hide in Fixed Income: Investing Timidly May Shield You From Risk … But Not From Inflation


By Clark Kendall You’ve retired and you’re playing it safe with your hard-won earnings. Or are you? When is being risk-averse too risky? During retirement, you have a right to be financially cautious. But guard against the danger of being too cautious. Some retirees invest so timidly that their portfolios yield barely any return. For years, financial institutions pitched CDs, ... Read More »

New Year = New Changes


Don’t Take a Backseat When It Comes to Your Retirement Plans By Clark Kendall Democrat, Republican or Independent, it’s likely that all U.S. citizens will be taxed more in the future. One of the most rewarding financial moves for individuals or families is to take full advantage of their available retirement plans. Knowing the rules and regulations of each plan ... Read More »

Health Care Reform: Changes Ahead in 2012, 2013 and 2014


By Clark Kendall Does your company sponsor a group health plan for your employees? The “second stage” of health care reform brings many changes to the administration of your plan during the next three years. An ongoing relationship with a licensed insurance and financial consultant is critical to keep these adjustments on your radar. What’s new for 2012? Insurers that ... Read More »

Healthy, Weathy and Wise in the New Year


Financial To-Dos for a Bright Start What are your financial, business or life priorities for 2012? Define your goals and map out how to realize them. The end of the year is a good time to review personal finances and consider these year-end moves. Adjust or time your income and tax deductions. If you earn a lot of money and ... Read More »

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