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Weary Travelers Layover in Montgomery County Parks


By Rob and Denise Gibbs, Montgomery Parks From September through November, tens of thousands of birds and insects will be stopping by our parks. Their layovers will be completely unnoticed by most residents. Common animals will demonstrate tremendous feats of endurance as they migrate many hundreds or thousands of miles south for the winter. All it takes to witness this ... Read More »

Motor Mania: It’s Easier Now to Be Green


By Gina Gallucci-White | Photo courtesy of Marriott Washington, D.C., was recently named the worst city in the country for traffic congestion by an annual report put out by Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Couple this news with residents’ growing concerns of rising gas prices and effects of vehicle emissions on the environment. Some are choosing an alternative: green cars. Electric ... Read More »

Navigating the Home Improvement Process: Communication Is the Glue That Holds It Together


By Dave Sutton | Photo courtesy of Blue Door Painters, Inc. Even under the best circumstances, undergoing a home improvement project is stressful for homeowners. Choosing the right contractor, keeping an eye on the work being performed, communicating one’s needs and desires— all of these are essential, but new, to most homeowners. This article attempts to inform homeowners about what ... Read More »

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