Kitchen Magic Refacers Inc  |  800.287.4016

• Kitchen Magic can usually
complete a new kitchen in four
days or less.

• Kitchen Magic’s resurfacing
generally costs two-thirds less
than remodeling.

• When we reface your kitchen
cabinets, we remove existing
cabinet doors and drawer fronts
and cover the exterior of your
cabinet boxes with a genuine,
hardwood veneer.

• Your new cabinet drawers and
doors will be handcrafted, made
from three-quarter-inch thick
quality hardwoods including
cherry, oak, birch and more.

An interview with Ken Gottschalk:

What is your specialty?
“We specialize in kitchen cabinet refacing. It’s a way to update or change your kitchen without having to get rid of all the cabinets. A lot of people think of remodeling as tearing out all of your cabinets, your counter tops, your sink and your plumbing.

Where we fit in is taking your existing cabinets and putting a high-quality wood product over top of it as well as installing new doors, new draw fronts and new hinges. We can also open up walls and create pass throughs. Basically, we can take your kitchen remodeling project and complete it as efficiently as possible without breaking the bank while providing a high-quality, natural product.”

How long have you been in business?
“My father (Ric Gottschalk) started the company in 1984. We are a local company. We’ve only been refacing until this year when we added bathroom remodeling services. We are not part of any franchise so you get the nice, local feel and attention.
All of our installers work for us and no one else. They are not subcontracted out like many of the big box stores. You can be assured that there’s a sense of reliability when you talk about the company because we understand that is what’s important to our clients.”

On customer service: “For us, it’s important to assign the installer, have a kitchen installed in less than a week, then finish the project with the client satisfied. If, somewhere down the line, the client needs adjustments, then we’ll send a guy out there free of charge under our lifetime warranty. We are in and out of your kitchen, but if you do need us to come back for something here or there, we’ll always be around to be able to do that and it won’t cost you any more money.”



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