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After running her own hair replacement center for 18 years, Susan Hurley is now a cosmetic industry veteran. She recently applied her wealth of experience to finding a more streamlined approach to natural looking scalp pigmentation.

Her cutting-edge technique at Color Me Today incorporates a machine that will reduce the time it takes to perform hair follicle simulation. Hurley also succeeded in making the process safer and more natural looking, even years after the process.

Hair tattooing – or scalp pigmentation – falls right in line with Hurley’s professional motto, “Age is an illusion and youth is everlasting.” The process is designed to create a seamless impression of scalp stubble for men and higher hair density for women who struggle with thinning hair or alopecia.

The current industry process for hair tattooing is slow and tedious, she says. “Other companies use a single needle to make thousands of dots necessary for hair follicle simulation. This technique can take anywhere from eight hours to three days to complete a bald man's head.”

Hurley’s technology can reduce that time to just two hours thanks to smaller, more precise, medical-grade needles that also ensure safety and increase quality. And Hurley says her treatment process also prevents color fade over time.
“Who needs a hair transplant when you can just have it tattooed on?” she asks.


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