Rory S. Coakley Realty, Inc.

Rory S. Coakley Realty Inc.
Rory S. Coakley and
Kathleen Meyer

20 Courthouse Square,
Suite 107
Rockville, MD 20850
Ph: 301-637-0966 x 101
Fx: 301-340-6380

Price your property based on recent sales data and trends. Homes that are overpriced tend to sit on the market, have fewer showings and end up with lower sale prices. Price your home based on recent sales data and make adjustments for the condition, size, amenities and any improvements such as baths and kitchens. Location (if your house sits on a busy street, for example) will affect price as well. Pricing your home correctly and being able to demonstrate this to a buyer may help facilitate a transaction. An accurately priced home will also prevent appraisal problems when the buyer’s lender requires an appraisal.

Make a great first impression. A first impression is a lasting one, so make sure your home is ready when the first buyer walks through the door. Simple strategies like de-cluttering pantries, closets and surfaces such as countertops will make the buyer feel that there is more room. Eliminate excess furnishings and draperies. A landscape spruce up and a fresh coat of paint may make a buyer feel that the home is ready to move into.

Box up items and clothing you will not need until after the move and store in an unused area of the home or rent a storage facility. This will also make that final move that much easier. Make minor repairs that would be obvious to a buyer (such as a torn screen, leaking faucet, etc.). A good cleaning, fresh flowers and some plantings in the front yard will make your home feel like home to someone else.

Launch the property to create a buzz. Have your photographs, videos, marketing materials, Internet listings, newspaper advertisements, lawn signage and open house ready to go so it can all be posted at one time. The idea is to generate as much interest as possible the first few days that the house is on the market. Having all of your information ready and available to as many sources as possible is important to capture that interested buyer. This high level of activity also has the power to attract multiple competitive contracts.



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