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Yesenia FLores DiazRose Rylotte WINNER, Fiction
Fiction: Lottie and the Tea Party
Rose Rylotte is happily married to her husband of 12 years. They have three children. She has a passion for baking, cooking, history, and believes in old fashioned etiquette and manners. The inspiration for her books are derived from wanting to encourage families to get into baking and cooking.

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Barbara Hurwitz RUNNER-UP, Fiction
Fiction: Trapped 
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Jane Newhagen THIRD PLACE, Fiction
Fiction: Spencer the Clown
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Kateema LeeLucinda Marshall WINNER, Poetry
Poetry: Winter Beach
Lucinda Marshall’s poetry has been published in numerous journals and anthologies and she is the founder and host of the DiVerse Gaithersburg Poetry Reading and Open Mic. She is also an accomplished artist who is currently working in modern improv quilting.

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Brian Tracey RUNNER-UP, Poetry
Fiction: Foxville 
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Yesenia FLores DiazKrista Kurth, Ph. D.
WINNER, Creative Non Fiction
Fiction: The Last Straw
Krista Kurth, Ph.D. lives in Montgomery County with her husband. A former business consultant and retired director of Green America’s Center for Sustainability Solutions, she is currently working on two memoirs and is launching a blog to support individuals in acting on the climate crisis.

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Pat Hulsebosch RUNNER-UP, Creative Non Fiction
Poetry: The Hanged One
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Vikki Brooks THIRD PLACE, Creative Non Fiction
Poetry: Little Bit
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Montgomery Writes

WHERE ARE YOU? Getting the general answer on this one is pretty obvious, but we need you to site the specific location. There’s about 40 miles of terrain to cover if you go out searching for this beautiful spot. This photo is via Flickr.

One winner will be randomly selected from all correct answers received by March 10.
Peter Chung of North Potomac identified the good ship Cap’n Crabby in the Greenbrier Local Park. The park follows “The Journey of Raindrop” and visitors can learn about watersheds, Maryland geography and wildlife of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay areas while they’re playing.

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