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Montgomery Magazine is an engaging lifestyle magazine that celebrates the diversity and unique character – as well as unique characters – of Montgomery County, Maryland. It offers readers and residents infotainment – a splashy combination of lively information and spirited entertainment. Montgomery Magazine offers county businesses a direct connection to some of the nation's most discerning customers.

Download a PDF version of the 2020 Media Kit (includes rate card and ad specs)

Montgomery Magazine has a unique perspective on the local matters that are most important today.

2020-2021 Special Advertising Sections
February/March 20209: Summer Camps / Event and Party Planner
April/May 2020: Home and Garden / Home Improvement
June/July 2020: Outdoor Dining / Senior Living and Services
August/September 2020: Best of Montgomery County Issue
October/November 2020: Financial, Legal and Accounting Services
December/January 2021: Private Schools / Women's Health and Wellness

Circulation & Distribution
Montgomery Magazine is Montgomery County's fastest growing lifestyle magazine and has an estimated readership of more than 60,000 county residents.

The magazine guarantees that 23,000+ copies are mailed to subscribers and prospects and that additional copies are available in select retail stores in Montgomery County.

USPS receipts and a publisher's distribution statement are available from your marketing manager.

Montgomery Magazine has a lively, monthly e-newsletter that extends the magazine's brand and provides advertisers another platform to connect with readers.

Who better to tell the story of you and your business than you? Montgomery Magazine will write a brief profile and submit it (and a photo) for your approval. Your profile can run in a Special Advertising Section or independently in the magazine. Deadlines for profiles are one week prior to ad space deadlines.

Full page: 410 words plus photo - $2,195
Half page: 220 words plus photo - $1,295

February - March 2020
Ad Space January 4
Ad Materials January 7
Mail Date January 30
April - May 2020
Ad Space March 6
Ad Materials March 10
Mail Date March 30
June - July 2020
Ad Space May 4
Ad Materials May 7
Mail Date May 29
August- September 2020
Ad Space July 3
Ad Materials July 7
Mail Date July 29
October - November 2020
Ad Space September 4
Ad Materials September 9
Mail Date September 28
December - January 2021
Ad Space November 6
Ad Materials November 10
Mail Date November 30

Ad Specs & Design
FULL PAGE - (no bleed)7.5"w x 10"h
FULL PAGE - (bleed)8.25"w x 10.75"h†
2/3 PAGE - VERTICAL4.6"w x 9.5"h
1/2 PAGE - VERTICAL3.375"w x 9.5"h
1/2 PAGE - HORIZONTAL7"w x 4.625"h
1/3 PAGE - VERTICAL2.25"w x 9.5"
1/3 PAGE - SQUARE4.6"w x 4.625"h
1/4 PAGE - VERTICAL3.375"w x 4.625"h
1/6 PAGE - VERTICAL2.25"w x 4.625"h
1/6 PAGE - HORIZONTAL4.6"w x 2.15"h

†BLEED SIZE: 8.25”w x 10.75”h
(extend bleeds 1/8” (.125") beyond trim on all sides)
Live Area: 7.25”w x 9.75”h (recommended to keep
all logos/text within Live Area)
Trim Size: 8”w x 10.5”h

New Ad: 1/2 Page and larger $155
1/3 Page and smaller $100

Ad Change:
1/2 Page and larger $75
1/3 Page and smaller $65
Design time over 1 hour is billed at $90 per hour. Ads requiring custom artwork or photo research and usage will be charged accordingly.

1/2 Page and larger $110
1/3 Page and smaller $85

Professional ad agencies will receive a 15% discount for camera-ready, to spec, digital artwork.

We prefer files as high resolution (300 dpi minimum) PDFs, however we will accept TIFF, EPS, JPG files via Email or for files too large for email you can use a free file transfer service such as or We can also send a link requesting the files so you can simply upload it for us. Contact Shannon with questions.

All images MUST BE IN CMYK format - NO SPOT COLORS, NO RGB, NO LAB. Please create outlines for all text or EMBED all fonts.

Email Shannon at


CURRENT ISSUE // April - May 2020

February Giveaway Winners
Herb Nachmann, Kensington
(El Mariachi Gift Card)

Alexis Crowley, Olney
(Señor Tequila's Gift Card)

Jodi Parker, Gaithersburg
(Gentleman Jim's Gift Card)

Montgomery Writes

WHERE ARE YOU? Getting the general answer on this one is pretty obvious, but we need you to site the specific location. There’s about 40 miles of terrain to cover if you go out searching for this beautiful spot. This photo is via Flickr.

One winner will be randomly selected from all correct answers received by March 10.
Peter Chung of North Potomac identified the good ship Cap’n Crabby in the Greenbrier Local Park. The park follows “The Journey of Raindrop” and visitors can learn about watersheds, Maryland geography and wildlife of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay areas while they’re playing.

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